Pandemic (大面积流行的)H1N1 2009 The most active areas of pandemic influenza tran...

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问题 Pandemic (大面积流行的)H1N1 2009 The most active areas of pandemic influenza transmission currently are in central and eastern Europe. Focal (集中的)increases in rates during recent weeks were____________ (51) in at least two eastern European countries. A high intensity of respiratory (呼吸的)disease activity with concurrent (同时存在的)circuation of pandemic infuenza still____________ (52) in parts of southern and eastern Europe,______ (53) inGreece,Poland, and Ukraine. In Western Europe,influenza transmission remains _____ (54 ) and widespread,but overall disease activity has peaked. All influenza viruses in Western Europe were pandemic H1N1 2009, _____________ (55),very small numbers of seasonal influenza viruses, covering less than 1% of all influenza viruses found, were reported in Russia.In___________ (56),limited available data indicate that active,high intensity transmission is occurring in Northern African countries ___________ (57) the Mediterranean coast. In Central Asia,limited data ___________ (58) that influenza virus circulation remains active,but transmission may have recently peaked in some places. In West Asia,Israel, Iran,and Iraq also appear to have passed their (59) period of transmission within the past month, though both areas continue to have some active transmission and levels of respiratory disease activity have not yet________ (60) to baseline levels. In East Asia, influenza transmission remains active but appears to be (61) overall. Slight increases in ILI were reported in Mongolia after weeks of declining activity following a large peak of activity ________(62) one month ago. In North America,influenza transmission ______ (63) widespread but has declined quickly in all countries. In the tropical regions of Central and South America and the Caribbean,influenza transmission remains geographically widespread but overall disease _______ (64) has been declining or remains unchanged in most parts, (65) for focal increases in respiratory disease activity in a few countries.
选项 A. except B. as C. all D. and
答案 A
解析 空白处前面说,大部分地区已经下降或维持不变,那么后面少数国家的增加一定是例外,因此选择except与for搭配,正好表示“除了。。。外”的意思。


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