Passage 1 A concept car developed by Japanese company Nissan has a breathaly...

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问题 Passage 1 A concept car developed by Japanese company Nissan has a breathalyzer-like detection system and other instruments that could help keep drunk or over tired drivers off the road. The car's sensors check odors inside the car and monitor a driver's sweat for traces of alcohol. An in-car computer system can issue an alert or even lock up the ignition system if the driver seems over-the-limit. The air odor sensors are fixed' firmly and deeply in the driver and passenger seats, while a detector in the gear-shift knob measures perspiration from the driver's palm. Other carmakers have developed similar detection systems. For example, Sweden's Volvo has developed a breathalyzer attached to a car's seat belt that drivers must blow into before the engine will start. Nissan's new concept vehicle also includes a dashboard-mounted camera that tracks a driver's alertness by monitoring their eyes. It will sound an alarm and issue a spoken warning in Japanese or English if it judges that the driver needs to pull over and rest. The car technology is still in development, but general manager Kazuhiro Doi says the combination of different detection systems should improve the overall effectiveness of the technology."For example, if the gear-shift sensor was bypassed by a passenger using it instead of the driver, the facial recognition system would still be used," Doi says. Nissan has no specific timetable for marketing the system, but aims to use technology to cut the number of fatalities involving its vehicles to half 1995 levels by 2015. The car's seat belt can also tighten if drowsiness is detected, while an external camera checks that the car is keeping to its lane properly. However, Doi admits that some of the technology, such as the alcohol odor sensor, should be improved. "If you drink one beer, it's going to register, so we need to study what's the appropriate level for the system to activate," he says. In the UK, some research groups are using similar advanced techniques to understand driver behavior and the effectiveness of different road designs. What has Volvo developed?
选项 A. The same detection system mentioned in the previous paragraph. B. A breathalyzer attached to a car's seat belt. C. A smart car seat belt. D. An intelligent engine.
答案 B
解析 第三段告诉我们,沃尔沃公司也发明了一种类似的酒精检测装置,安装在保险带上。所以B是正确选项。
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