Influenza (流感) Influenza has been with us a long time. According to some Gr...

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问题 Influenza (流感) Influenza has been with us a long time. According to some Greek writers ___ (51) medical history,the outbreak of 412 B.C. was of influenza. The same has been suggested of the sickness _____ (52) swept throughtheGreekarmyattackingSyracusein 395 B.C. Influenza is a disease that moves most quickly among people living in _______ (53)conditions,hence,it is likely to attack armies. _____ (54) the nineteenth century there were five widespread outbreaks of influenza. The last of the five _______ (55) in 1889 and marked the beginning of the story of influenza in our time. _______ (56) the recent outbreak,it started in Asia. For more than forty years before that outbreak,influenza had steadily ___ (57) and was believed to be dying out. A new group of outbreaks was _______ (58) by the great outbreak of 1889—1890 and for the next quarter of a century influenza remained a constant threat, In April 1918 influenza broke out among American troops stationed in France. It quickly spread through all the _______ (59) but caused relatively few deaths. Four months later,however,a second outbreak started which _______ (60) to be a killer.It killed not only the old and already sick but also healthy young adults. It ____ (61) through every country in the world,only a few distant islands in the South Atlantic and the Pacific remaining_____ (62) . It brought the life of whole countries to stop, food _______ (63) stopped and work loss was very great. Before the great outbreak ended,it had killed at _____ (64) 15 million people. Thereafter,there have been several great outbreaks throughout the world. It is thus _____ (65) that influenza is a terrible infection that we have to pay more attention to.
选项 A uncounted B unused C untouched D unchanged
答案 C
解析 本句前半句说,“那次流感席卷世界各国”,后半句说“只有……幸免”,而表达这个 意思的就只有untouched了。
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