The Day a Language Died When Carlos Westez died at the age of 76, a langu...

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问题 The Day a Language Died When Carlos Westez died at the age of 76, a language died, too. Westez, more commonly known as Red Thunder Cloud, was the last speaker of the Native American language, Catawba. Anyone who wants to hear various songs of the Catawba can contact the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. C. , where, back in the 1940s, Red Thunder Cloud recorded a series of songs for future generations. ___________ (46) They are all that is left of the Catawba language. The language that people used to speak is gone forever. We are all aware of the damage that modem industry can do to the world’s ecology (生态).However, few people are aware of the impact that widely spoken languages have on other languages and ways of life. English has spread all over the world. Chinese, Spanish,Russian, and Hindi have become powerful languages, as well. ___________ (47) When this happens, hundreds of languages that are spoken by only a few people die out. Scholars believe there are about 6,000 languages around the world, but more than half of them could die out within the next 100 years. There are many examples. Araki is a native language of the island of Vanuatu, located in the Pacific Ocean. It is spoken by only a few older adults, so like Catawba, Araki will soon disappear. Many languages of Ethiopia will have the same fate because each one has only a few speakers. ____________ (48) In the Americas, 100 languages, each of which has fewer than 300 speakers, also are dying out. Red Thunder Cloud was one of the first to recognize the threat of language death and to try to do something about it. He was not actually born into the Catawba tribe, and the language was not his mother tongue. ____________ (49) The songs he sang for the Smithsonian Institution helped to make Native American music popular. Now he is gone, and the language is dead. What does it mean when a language disappears? When a plant or insect or animal species dies, it is easy to understand what we’ve lost and to appreciate what this means for the balance of the natural world. However, language is only a product of the mind. To be the last remaining speaker of a language, like Red Thunder Cloud, must be a lonely destiny, almost as strange and terrible as being the last surviving member of a dying species.____________(50)
选项 A Papua New Guinea is an extremely rich source of different languages, but more than 100 of them are in danger of extinction (灭绝). B These languages don’t have many native speakers. C Some people might want to try to learn some of these songs by heart. D However, he was a frequent visitor to the Catawba reservation in South Carolina, where he learned the language. E For the rest of us, when a language dies, we lose the possibility of a unique way of seeing and describing the world. F As these languages become more powerful, their use as tools of business and culture increases.
答案 A
解析 第三段提到了许多濒临灭绝的语言的例子,如Araki等,然后说到许多其他的语言也会遭受同样的命运。接下来顺理成章地介绍在Papua New Guinea有超过100种的语言也面临着灭绝的命运,故答案为A。


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