What Is the Coolest Gas in the Universe? What is the coldest air temperature...

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问题 What Is the Coolest Gas in the Universe? What is the coldest air temperature ever recorded on Earth? Where was this low temperature recorded? The coldest recorded temperature on Earth was - 911), which (51) in Antarctica (南极洲)in 1983. We encounter an interesting situation when we discuss temperatures in_(52)_ Temperatures in Earth orbit (轨道)actually range from about +120 to -1201).The temperature depends upon __ (53) you are in direct sunlight or in shade.Obviously,-1201) is colder than our body can (54) endure. The space temperatures just discussed affect only our area of the solar __(55). Obviously, it is hotter closer to the Sun and colder as we travel (56) from the Sun. Scientists estimate temperatures at Pluto are about 一210t). How cold is the lowest estimated temperature in the entire universe? Again, it depends upon your (57). We are taught it is supposedly___ (58) to have atemperature below absolute zero, which is at which atoms do not move. Two scientists, Cornell and Wieman, have successfully_ (59) down a gas to a temperature barely above absolute zero. They won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001 for their work 一 not a discovery, in this case. Why is the two scientists,work so important to science? In the 1920s, Satyendra Nath Bose was studying an interesting _____ (60) about special light particles (微粒)we now call photons (光子)_ Bose had trouble_(61) other scientists to believe his theory, so he contacted Albert Einstein. Einstein’s calculations helped him theorize that atoms ( 62) behave as Bosethought 一 but only at very cold temperatures. Scientists have also discovered that ultra-cold (超冷)atoms can help them make the world’s atomic clocks even ( 63 ) accurate. These clocks are so accuratetoday they would only lose one second_(64) six million years! Such accuracy will help us travel in space because distance is velocity (速度)times time (of= w). With the long distances involved in space (65),we need to know time as accurately as possible to get accurate distance.
选项 A interesting B impossible C reasonable D necessary
答案 B
解析 从意思上来考虑,选项A的意思是“有趣的”;选项B的意思是“不可能的”;选项 C的意思是“合理的”;选项D的意思是“必要的”。文章要表达“我们被告知绝对零度 之下原子是无法运动的,所以不可能存在比绝对零度更低的温度”。从意思上考虑应为 “不可能的”,答案为B。
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