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问题 Sino-Japan Animosity (仇恨) Lessens Chinese and Japanese people view each other slightly more positively than last year,according to a survey released on Wednesday at a press conference in Beijing. The survey is jointly sponsored by China Daily and Genron NPO (非营利组织) , a Japanese think tank similar to the American Council on Foreign Relations. It also found overwhelming agreement in both countries that Sino-Japanese relations were important. The survey is a part of the Beijing-Tokyo Forum, an annual gathering of senior government officials and representatives from Chinese and Japanese NGOs (非政府组织) designed to improve communication and understanding between the two countries. Conducted every year for five years now, the survey focused on two different groups of people:ordinary citizens, and intellectuals. In China, the intellectual group was comprised mainly of university students from well-known schools like Peking University. In Japan, the "intellectual"group was mainly made up of previous members of Genron NPO. Among ordinary Chinese polled, 35.7 percent said they have "very good" or "relatively good"impressions of Japan, a 5.5-percentage-point increase compared with last year. 45.2 percent of Chinese students had a positive impression of Japan, two percentage points more than last year.Only 26.6 percent of Japanese have a positive impression of China, however. Still, a large majority of the respondents from each country said Sino-Japanese relations were "important" and wanted their leaders to deepen talks and cooperation with each other. But 51.9 percent of ordinary people and 42.4 percent of students in China said they saw no change in relations between the two countries over the last year. In Japan, 64.8 percent of those ordinary people and 53.4 percent of intellectuals surveyed shared the view that there was no improvement in bilateral ties this year. Historical issues and territorial disputes remain two major obstacles to improving bilateral relations, the survey found. What concerns the Chinese most are historical issues, visits by Japanese officials to Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社) , and the Nanjing Massacre (屠杀) . Cooperation in East Asian issues, trade and investment, energy, and the environment and climate change top the list of common concerns that people in China and Japan want their leaders to talk about in bilateral (双边) meetings, the survey found. Civil exchanges were regarded by the most people from the both countries as an important way to improve relations. 90.7 percent of the students and 85.7 percent of the ordinary people in China and 95.8% of intellectuals and 74.8% of the ordinary people in Japan viewed civil exchanges as "important" or "relatively important". According to the passage, the Beijing-Tokyo Forum()
选项 held every year in Beijing. B.aims at promoting communication between the two countries. C.mainly attracts representatives from the governments of the two countries. D.releases a survey on Sino-Japanese relation every five years.
答案 B
解析 细节题。题干:根据短文,北京一东京论坛____。利用题干关键词Beijing-Tokyo Forum 可以定位到文章第三、四段,意为“这个调查是北京一东京论坛的一部分,这个论坛每年一次,中日双方的政府官员以及非政府组织的代表参加,目的是增加交流和加强理解。这个调查连续五年每年展开一次,主要关注两类人群:普通民众和知识分子”。选项A、C、D与原文信息不符合,B选项“以增进双方的交流为目的”与文章内容相符,因而为正确答案。


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