Why People Use Pseudonyms (假名字)? You can’t choose the name you are given at...

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问题 Why People Use Pseudonyms (假名字)? You can’t choose the name you are given at birth, but in many countries you can change it legally when you reach adulthood.Of course, most people never change their names {pz_填空}(51) they feel unhappy about them. However, some people do{pz_填空}(52)this course of action——particularly artists! What makes an artist want to change their name? Sometimes it’s for purely{pz_填空}(53) reasons, such as the Nobel Prize winning poet from Chile, Neftali Reyes. He didn’t want his father to{pz_填空}(54) he was writing poetry, so he changed his name to Pablo Neruda when he was a young man.{pz_填空}( 55)other times the reason may appear strange;take the case of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa,{pz_填空}(56 )wrote under 75 different names. The reason? “When I use a different name, I always write in a different way. ” he explained. In most cases,{pz_填空}(57),people change their names for social, historical, political, or cultural reasons. Here are some of the most{pz_填空}(58): The person’s real name is just{pz_填空} (59) long and difficult to remember. Let's be honest, Madonna Louise Ciccone is not as{pz_填空}(60) to remember as just plain “Madonna”. And short names are much easier to remember:William Bradley became Brad Pitt and Edson Arantes do Nascimento became Pele. Sometimes names are changed for marketing{pz_填空}(61).For example, if a name sounds too “foreign”,it may be changed to something that is more recognizable in a{pz_填空}(62).So in the film world, Ramon Estevez adopted the name Martin Sheen.Or maybe the artist’s real name doesn’t sound very attractive — Chad Everett does{pz_填空}(63)a lot better than Raymond Cramton. Artists sometimes{pz_填空}(64) the name of someone they admire. Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Boo Dylan because of his admiration for the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. Another reason may be practicality:in the past, women found it very difficult to get published. To{pz_填空}(65) this situation, they sometimes gave themselves men’s names, so the English author Mary Ann Evans became George Eliot,and she did get her books published !
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答案 C
解析 前面一句刚讲到如果一个名字听上去有点怪,那就要改一改,所以这里还是用sound,注意does在这里用于强调。
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